Inspiring Professionals Book

Eight leading U.K. landscape photographers have joined forces with LEE Filters, to produce “Inspiring Professionals”, a book in which top professionals pass on techniques and advice on using filtration in landscape photography.

The 132 page hardback book is full of stunning images taken from around the world that will both inform and inspire you. Filters are an indispensable part of any landscape photographers’ kit, read how famous U.K. photographers such as Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite and David Noton use filters in their images and why they play such a vital role in their photography.

Whether you are shooting digitally or with film, ‘Inspiring Professionals’ will help you discover how using filtration can help improve your landscape photography. Each photographer explains in detail a particular shot they have taken, giving details of when, why and how they used filtration in their image. This is supported by an illustration that not only shows what filters were used, but also how they were positioned in the shot.

Inspiring Professionals - The Landscape Photographers’ Guide To Using Filters
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